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Flower Press
basswood, milk paint, gold leaf, steel, paper
3" w x 4" h x 16"


Liz Welch was introduced to furniture design in 2011 at the New England School of Art and Design while studying to be an Interior Architect. She became captivated by furniture and on the cusp of beginning her thesis, left and enrolled in MassArt and North Bennet Street School's collaborative Furniture Design program. In May of 2014, she counted herself among the first graduating class of the Furniture Design Certificate Program. Welch is fascinated by the intersection of sculpture and furniture, and has explored the categories that typically separate utilitarian and aesthetic objects. Her recent work is deeply rooted in nature and is currently focused on surface decoration and texture. She works and runs Liz Welch Design in Somerville, MA.


I make stuff because my hands seem to know more than my brain does. Sometimes, the two connect and the object I’m working on becomes something I can both tangibly and intellectually admire. Some of the things I make are deeply rooted in memory and nostalgia. Other pieces are wild and clumsy explorations of different materials that engage one curiosity or another. Most of my ideas take the form of furniture because of the way human beings are able to relate to and interact with furniture objects. Above all, I feel most like myself when I am working with my hands, regardless of the form or material.

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