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"Twins 1", hand sewn applique illustration on fabric, stretched over a wooden frame
found fabric, thread, acrylic paint, colored pencil
26 x 36"


I grew up in the Midwest reading, sewing, doodling in notebooks and daydreaming. In 2006 I received a BFA from the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, MI and followed soon after with an MFA in photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2008. Since then I have been showing work in galleries across the United States as well as in online/print publications internationally. I currently reside in Somerville, MA.


I am a multi-disciplinary artist interested in detail and surface. I work with patterns that talk to each other, textiles that play off of one another and stitches that wind back and forth, over and under. The pieces I make are experiments in drawing with a needle and thread, exploring fabric as an illustrative medium. A textile’s surface can hold so much; indications of touch, the passage of time, presence of the body. I’m interested in the interplay between these material expressions from found fabric and the imagery their fragments come together to create. With a nod to the quilting tradition, I’m exploring cutting apart and re-assembling disparate pieces to create new forms and narratives.

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