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plaster, alcohol inks, mixed media


Currently a Boston based artist, Stephanie grew up in the Midwest, the child of a single working mother who frequently moved from small town to small town throughout the 1970s. As an emerging mixed media artist, immediacy and experimentation are essential to Stephanie’s work, and she tries to reduce a given subject to its most basic idea without sentimentality. Recent group exhibitions include Small Works Salon 2015: Word + Image Chandler Gallery, Cambridge; Reclamation II: Emerging Female Artists, The Nave Gallery, Somerville; FreshPaintMagazine, December 2015 issue; and Show Your World 2015 Art Competition (forthcoming) Gallery MC, New York.


Recently I have been working to capture the lost-in-place feeling of the 1970s latchkey kid generation. I create a plaster of paris original of each latchkey girl, add color and take a photographic portrait. These images are printed on paper and used in collage, printed directly onto glass, or printed onto canvas. Using hundreds of keys I sometimes spraypaint geometric patterns directly onto the portraits.The geometric patterns suggest a hidden tribe of lost girls. Although each latchkey girl is buried under layers of spraypaint, plaster, glass, and canvas, trapped in limbo, she ultimately retains her own individual personality.

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