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Processing a Life
Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage, Monoprints
30x39 inches


Patty Simon has been making art all of her life. Simon’s work spans drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, book arts, sculpture, video, textile work, and installations. She has been featured in numerous Boston Globe articles, as well as other media venues. In 2011 she founded the ’You Are Loved &ndash Pass It On’ Project which aims to spread love around the world, one simple gesture at a time. She holds a BFA from Oklahoma State University and was a commercial artist with her own business for over ten years.


These pieces are representative of my interest in utilizing a variety of media to tell my story and immersing the viewer in my experience of a place. Once Upon a Time in India merges book arts, sculpture, assemblage, collage, photography, and found materials. India Alphabet Book combines book arts, drawing, painting, and sculpture. Processing a Life uses found object assemblage, collage, print-making and sculpture.

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