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Catherine Siller is an artist and performer whose work investigates the relationship between digital culture, the body, and identity. She has exhibited and performed her work throughout the United States and abroad and has been published in the experimental literary magazine, Infinity’s Kitchen (Issue 7, online). Siller holds an MFA in Digital + Media from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard. For the 2013 spring semester she was the Mellon Fellow for Digital Media/Performance at Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT. She currently lives and works in Boston, MA.


In my layered videos, I consciously enact the gestures of beauty rituals and habitual body monitoring that are stored, unconsciously, in my body. These gestures come from the ads and the media coverage that appear in my Facebook feed, my Instagram, and my spam folder. I video myself performing these gestures and then create drawings from the videos. Using video projection or video compositing software, I layer the drawings back over the videos. Alter egos emerge. The work grapples with how the content that we encounter in the digital world affects what we project onto our real bodies and selves. When we close the computer and walk away, what traces of the digital world do we carry with us?


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