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Bolt of Blue
Digital Art on Metal


Joey Melinda Morgan is an emerging abstract digital artist who was born in and still currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been creating digital imagery on metal for the last three years. She actively participates in arts festivals and has work currently on display in a community center, medical offices, restaurants, galleries and has completed several commission projects for private homes. At the present time she is creating pieces that combine photos of patina metal with intricate patterns of sand, stone and or canyon walls.


The foundation of my artwork stems from my love of copper and texture found in nature. Initially, I chemically treat copper or brass which results in vivid, spectacular arrays of color. I photograph the metal then utilize my technical computer skills to digitally merge the image with another photo of a textured pattern found in sand, stone, marble, canyon walls or tree bark. The intriguing images are then printed on metal. The goal of my work is to lure the viewer, hold their attention as they examine the intricacies of color and texture while sending them on a visual journey of depth and dimension. This interdisciplinary art combines the creation of patina metal with digital photography and digital manipulation of images.

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