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Two videos projected on two walls in same time.Two mirrors on the wall instead of the woman's eyes.viewer will look at herself on mirrors.


Elham Masoudi is an Iranian artist who received her BFA from Alzahra University in Tehran, Iran in 2012. She has recently moved to the US and currently is studying in MFA program at Georgia State University. She had a group exhibition at Thomas Deans Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015. Her works show the political and cultural dimension of people’s lives in a symbolic and poetic way. Her artwork blends mythological stories that reference tradition, culture, and allegory in the Middle East. “My artworks are symbolic stories about people. The works do not operate in a dark or negative way, but in colorful and beautiful forms.”


Anahita is the only female goddess of water in my land, and she heard the ice pillars melting. She laughed, swirled, and danced. By becoming a colorful motif, she dissolves into this ornamental world and arrives with the blue silhouettes on the walls. They were induced to laugh, swirl, and dance. The shadows are close, closer and simpler than their image in a mirror. One day the ice pillars of the goddess will turn to water and the homeland of the goddess of water will become pure.

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