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found toy titter-totter, carved and assembled wood with paint and gold foil
21” x 7” x 7&rdquo


I was born and raised through my teenaged years, in New Orleans. It framed my vision of life. It was and continues to be a place of extremes: beauty and decay, religion and ritual, custom and iconoclasm. From that experience, I acquired an excitement for visual matters: colors, forms and even artifacts. Having lived on the border with Mexico for ten years changed my view of contemporary culture and our collective social responsibility. As a result, the expression of my imagery has become more topical.


I use toys; I form them into a narrative of social concern. My sculptures subtly arouse awareness with visual prods into issues related to class, immigration, gun control, and ecology. I poignantly comment on adult concerns in the guise of ironic constructions of found playthings. Initially viewed as benign implements of childhood entertainment, that seduction moves the adult viewer to consider the metaphoric use of the toy. To me, toys are abstractions of grown-up possessions, professions, or spaces, which are to provide children role models. Collage and assemblage synthesize the imagery.

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