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Joe Hedges is an intermedia artist living and working in the inner northwest, United States. Hedges paintings, digital prints, videos and internet art projects explore the links between science and art through the visual language of the experiment and the archive. With a reverence for art history, and an enthusiastic interest in the effects of digital technologies on human experience, Hedges’ work melds vocabularies and media in a contemporary fashion. Recent exhibitions include a group show Momento/Memento at Reverse Space in New York, NY, an internet project featured at Currents New Media festival in Santa Fe, NM, and concurrent solo exhibitions at Washington State U. in Pullman, WA and the Art Academy of Cincinnati, OH.


Media archeology is a relatively new field that draws on Michael Foucault’s archeology of knowledge and Walter Benjamin’s ideas about mass media and culture to examine the theoretical relationships between old and new forms of media. Through painting, sculpture, video and internet art I attempt to make visible these connections between digital and physical storage, reflecting on the particular challenges we face as artists, thinkers and humans as we attempt to reconcile our ideas about media, objects, sentimentality, storage and the archive with emerging dimensions of space and time.

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