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Father Time and the Mermaid
Acrylic on Canvas
30" x 30"


Chuck Guest is an award winning artist living in Vermont and Beachmont MA. He is a member of the Winthrop Art Association. Chuck calls his art Abstract Imagery. His love for the ocean and sky are reflected in the bold style and colors of his paintings.


I make my own stretchers in Vermont from reclaimed wood and stretch all my own canvasses for all my work.  Having a second home in Beachmont I often sit for hours studying the ever changing ocean and sky with its incredible beauty. I enjoy the bold, contrasting colors and dynamics that they offer. I enjoy recreating those feelings or impressions on canvas. Many people comment on how much they love the work and how happy it makes them feel just looking at it! One artist stopped by to see my work and later wrote me "I'm so glad I saw your paintings today, I felt like I was on a mini-vacation!" One customer told me a couple of days after she purchased a painting "My husband says all you do is sit in the living room and stare at the painting!"

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