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The Singing Lump is a ceramic piece lying on a note stand, singing one song over and over through speaker located inside the ceramic body
Ceramics, metal, audio-parts


Born in Ukraine, grew up in Israel, Vita studied computer science and bioinformatics in Hebrew University. She worked in research and teaching and traveled extensively. While living in Sydney started sculpting and quickly realized that she found her purpose. She completed a BFA in Multidisciplinary Art at Shenkar and moved to USA for a Visual Arts MFA at Washington University in Saint Louis. Currently Vita lives and works in New Jersey, teaching art and pursuing her studio practice. She works in multiple media often incorporating programming and electronics to create interactive art. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally.


Proposed works are part of a hypothetical future where in the absence of humans machines and creatures they created gain a new life. Both pieces contemplate the fate of bio-engineered creatures in a world that doesn't have further use for them. The Singing Lump gave in to entropy and devolved into a chunk of living matter. It picked up a single song played by some machine, and since then is just lying there singing it over and over. What Has Become of Alba is a box with a peeking hole in which a green fluorescent rabbit skeleton slowly revolves. In Eduardo Kaz's work: Alba the GFP bunny died prematurely. All its tissues expressed GFP so would its skeleton glow green after its death? Would Alba become a historical figure in this future?


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