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A Portrait of MiriamĀ 
Digital images and video


Divine Beauty Photography is a team of three: Rose Cummings, Jim Montanaro and Greg Dancer. We use digital photography and video to capture intimate portraits and fine art images of our subjects. We strive to create visual experiences that promote the inner strength, purpose and beauty of every person who sits in front of our cameras. We hope to inspire those who might not fully appreciate what they see in a mirror, to look beyond surfaces and to celebrate life in all of its beautiful forms. We work at the Vernon Street Studios in Somerville, MA. Our current projects are a 'Generations' series of mother-daughter portraits and a documentary entitled By the Numbers: Perceptions of Beauty, a film about women and body image.


The portraits in this series are micro-documentary experiences. Each one is a single 'canvas' of still and motion imagery, framed like a painting but incorporating a video panel along with images printed on material appropriate for the subject, such as drawing and photographic papers, linen or other fabrics, and traditional cotton canvas. The goal of each is to create a portrait of a person at a particular point in their life, including their thoughts about how they see themselves and others. This idea grew out of our work on By the Numbers: Perceptions of Beauty as well as ongoing experiments to provide our studio clients with unique visual captures of their lives.


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