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Top: This digital print illustrates the process in which the ahkio drawings are produced.
Archival Digital Print on Matte Premium Cannon Paper.
Image 7 x 11. Framed 11 x 15

Bottom: This project entailed creating a series of drawings using an apparatus pulled in a sledge, through the Wind Rivers over the course of seven days.
Ahkio Drawing no. 3. Day 3, Wind River Range. Gamblin Etching Ink on Rives BFK.
7 x 7 inches. Framed 10 x 10. 


Michael Baum left the plains of the Dakotas in his early twenties for the mountain ranges of California, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Alaska. His interactions with nature and the wilderness became the impetus for his graduate studies in fine art, which he completed at Washington State University, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking. Michael is currently an Adjunct Professor of Art at Black Hills State University, South Dakota. Since 2008, he has been featured in various exhibitions both internationally and across the United States. Recently, in 2014 Michael has become the recipient of a career development grant from the South Dakota Arts Council. His current drawings have been featured in INDA 9, Manifest's Drawing Center.


Methods for automating drawing, particularly drawing from life, appeared simultaneously with the earliest accounts of constructing linear perspective. What does this long search for mechanical drawing tell us about our relationship with art and technology? My interests and artistic practice is positioned between this complex relationship of technology, and the machine. I have been using devices in the process of making drawings. In a time of digitization of the work process, you can easily forget the freedom and fun of play. By creating new drawing tools, I give myself the opportunity to break free from standards in design. In addition, this provides access to the outdoors, leaving the confines of the traditional studio space behind.

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