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Ornamental Gourds 005, ©2015
Inkjet Print
11" x 14"


Jim Baab photographs everyday objects, scenes, and the human form, with an eye for light, line, and illusion. Since taking his hobby more seriously in 2011, Jim's artwork has been chosen for national and international juried group exhibitions in TN, CA, MA, MI, VT and Budapest, Hungary. Recognition and awards include: 2nd Place award from the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards, Gold Artist award for ArtAscent magazine's Vol. 8, ‘Hidden’ issue, a Distinguished Artist award for ArtAscent magazine's Vol. 14, 'Still Life' issue, First Round Selected Photographer, Hariban Award '15, and a Special Merit Award for the 5th Annual Figurative Art Exhibition at


At the intersection of nude and landscape photography you will find what photographer Karin Rosenthal calls "the human landscape". While attending Karin's workshops, I have produced my own interpretations of the elemental bond that connects mankind to the natural world. Additionally, through that concentration, I have learned that I am drawn to structure and illusion. I am currently exploring the latter through still-life "portraits" created with an in-camera mirror effect. The resulting Rorschachian symmetry of ornamental gourds, crushed eggshells, and other inanimate objects, can take the form of demonic figures or familiar fauna. Individually, photographic genres can be challenging. But, merging them is fun.

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