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Tine IIIĀ 
Acyrlic on hand dyed canvasĀ 
28" x 18" x 1.5"


Now retired from a roller derby career and well into my 8th year as a visual arts teacher, the focus of my art has turned to the refinement of ideas and public exhibition. Many of my interests in mixed media are expressed in the preparation of the canvases in my paintings. My current series are geometric acrylic paintings created on top of hand dyed, hand batiked or silkscreened linens. With a few shows under my belt this first year of emerging into the art world I am excited and motivated become part of the working artist community. This fall I began attending Boston University's Certificate for Creative Educational Leadership where I work to partner with community organizations within the city to build public accessibility to the arts.


The Trine Series features geometric shapes mixed with a graphic printmaking feel. Each canvas is prepared with hand dyeing, waxed batik or silkscreen prior to being stretched. This series of acrylic works explores what lies beneath our perception of nature. Landscapes inspired from science journals and articles on data collection, the artist experiments with how little data does the human eye need to construct meaning? To what point does the brain begin to fill in the blanks and illustrate the remainder? The printed geometric shapes are reminiscent of an underlying matrix grid or fractals at a cellular level.


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