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Creative Living Works skillshare courses cross multiple indrustries in order to allow you to experiment with a new medium, pick up a new skill you can monetize on or find a new hobby to love. Each are introductory level in order to be accessible to all types of creatives. You will be amazed to see how learning from home takes out the intimidation factor!

Sign up as a free member in order to purchase individual courses a la carte with credits ($29 for 1 credit or $99 for 5). Every time your purchase a course, you are also helping support other artists! See the selection of courses below with new ones being added often. One credit courses are between a half hour to an hour long and two credit courses are between one and two hours long. Is there a course that you would love to see on CLW? Email with suggetions.

Creating Books with InDesign

Did you know Adobe InDesign can be a perfect tool for creating books, booklets, zines and a variety of multi page documents? Learn how to prepare, assemble and rearrange your first book working with graphics and text. Follow some essential tips that will allow your project to develop smoothly. Gather your creative writing projects, poems, photo book ideas and get started with this easy to follow, one hour, introductory course.

Instructor: Robert B. Smyth

Start Needle Felting

Learn the art of needle felting, a practice of contracting wool with a barbed needle. Find exciting ways to use this traditional method for contemporary sculptures. This introductory course is perfect for beginners in this craft. Start by creating orbs and learning how to paint with wool. Once you learn the basic felting techniques, the possibilities are endless. Course length is 27 minutes.

Instructor: Jodi Colella

Introduction to plaster mold making + casting

Learn how to make a plaster mold of a hand and fill it with the traditional Italian Cartapesta technique with nontraditional materials. Turn old egg crates or other recycled papers into a beautiful sculpture with a pulping process. This is an introductory course but with drying times, it will take several days to complete. Watch the course, pause it, play it back - once you learn how to do these techniques, the possibilities are endless! The mold you make can be reused and filled with a variety of materials. Course length is 1 hour, 24 minutes.

Instructor: Christine Palamidessi

Begin Making Miniatures

Learn to make miniature polymer clay sculptures with a technique called caning. In this course you will find out how to make a tiny sushi scene in 1 inch dollhouse scale. You will also see how easy it is to make jewelry from these or even American doll scale items. Beginners welcome - impress yourself and your friends. With a little practice, you could even make + sell miniatures at craft fairs or on etsy!

Instructor: Dina Gjertsen

Embrace the Jiggle

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to not take ourselves too seriously. Nadira Jamal gives us the opportunity to let loose, do your body some good and embrace the jiggle with an introduction to belly dancing! This course is designed for everyone - whether you've never danced before or already have formal training. Learn basic belly dance movements and a full routine by the end of the hour and a half course. Pause, rewind, try it again - that is the beauty of learning in your own living room.


Getting Your Poetry Published

Find out the best ways to get your poetry out in the world. Deborah Leipziger explains the steps you can take to get your work published and avoid common pitfalls.

Instructor: Deborah Leipziger

Decorative Seams Without a Serger

Sandhya Garg has impressed Heidi Klum with her sewing skills on Project Runway Season 13. Now she is sharing her expertise on how make beautiful seams without a serger for a professional look on your sewing projects. This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate designers. You should be comfortable using a sewing machine. Wait till you see how easy these seams are with your own basic sewing machine.

Instructor: Sandhya Garg

Drawing Foundations: Blind + Half Blind Contours

If you are new to drawing, the best way to start is by not looking at your paper. Kate Ledogar instructs the foundations drawing technique of blind and half blind contour. She starts with a subject that you should all have handy (sorry, couldn't resist) - your own hand. This exercise will help you learn how to forget what your left brain thinks a hand should look like.

Instructor: Kate Ledogar

Discover Your Vocal Posture

Whether you intend to sing in front of an audience or just at home to your cat - it is important to consider how posture and alignment affects your voice. The talented Carmen Denyes will show you the correct way to align your 6 points of balance.

Start learning the building blocks to becoming a great signer in this CLW course.

Instructor: Carmen Denyes

How to Photograph Your Artwork

Ileana Hernandez will show you step by step how to photograph your artwork. If you take the time to create something - make it a priority to digitize.

Instructor: Ileana Hernandez

DIY Coffee Filter Rose Bouquets

Believe it or not, these roses started out as coffee filters! Learn how to decorate your home or create bridal bouquets. With a step-by-step tutorial, materials guide and printable template, you will learn how to impress your guests and save money on floral bouquets that won't ever wilt!


Yoga Stretches for Your Workspace

Spiridoula Politis instructs you on how to alleviate tension, stretch out kinks from painting too long or sitting at a desk and keep creative juices flowing.

Instructor: Spiridoula Politis

18 Elements of Composition for Photography

Paul Blackmore demonstrates how to use the 18 elements of photography to take expert photographs. These tips will transform everyday smartphone photography to advanced DSLR shooting.

Instructor: Paul Blackmore

Introduction to Adobe Muse

Are you interested in creating your own website without html but having the creative control that photoshop and indesign give you? Danielle explains the basics of how to create a website with Adobe Muse.


Watercolor Techniques and Tricks

Watercolor can be a tricky medium - Nicole Gsell explains some great tips and techniques that beginners and advanced artists can use to create masterpieces.

Instructor: Nicole Gsell

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