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How to Transplant Gracefully

What do Mark Rothko, Marcel Duchamp, Edward Steichen and F. Scott Fitzgerald have in common? At one point in their life, they started over in a new place.

Maybe you aren’t traveling to a new continent, but if you find yourself being transplanted out of your geographic comfort zone, here are a few key tricks to keep yourself centered.


PJ Boone-Edgerton Longoni

I am a budding artist.


I am developing my artist skills. I began my work when I decided to make art out of my doodles. Influenced by African American Folk art I decided to use available material to create my work and at the time it was fabric and a needle. I choose the color and design in the fabric as my imaginary canvas and paint to apply my art idea. However, as I work with the confines of the medium and my own skill I realize that what I visualized and what appears morphs into a new creation. Eventually my goal is to learn watercolor to recreate my art work into another form.

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As creative professionals we have a craft we are passionate about but we often don't prioritize our time efficiently. In order to be successful in the real world, we need to armed with many other skills that may not come as naturally. My vision for CLW is to create a community where creative minds can expand their tool-sets to master the balance of time management. We can all benefit from learning and sharing our experiences. Curating talented instructors to teach skills across a variety of channels, CLW courses are available to help improve upon your process and open up new doors. So stay the course and preserve your passion while exploring new avenues and making valuable connections.