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Time management is challenging for most creative folk. CLW designed a planner to help artists, designers, musicians and freelancers prioritize their passion and make the most of each week. Pre-order now for early pricing.!

Paul Blackmore demonstrates how to use the 18 elements of photography to take expert photographs. These tips will transform everyday smartphone photography to advanced DSLR shooting.Watch the intro here.


Jim Baab

Artistic photographer exploring still-life, the human form and unique perspectives on our world.

For Hire Doing some commercial photography for friends. Looking forward to applying my creative talents to different industries.


Jim Baab photographs everyday objects, scenes, and the human form, with an eye for light, line, and illusion. Since taking his hobby more seriously in 2011, Jim's artwork has been chosen for national and international juried group exhibitions in TN, CA, MA, MI, VT and Budapest, Hungary. Recognition and awards include: 2nd Place award from the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards, Gold Artist award for ArtAscent magazine's Vol. 8, ‘Hidden’ issue, a Distinguished Artist award for ArtAscent magazine's Vol. 14, 'Still Life' issue, First Round Selected Photographer, Hariban Award '15, and a Special Merit Award for the 5th Annual Figurative Art Exhibition at

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Stars and Hearts free photoshop patterns


As creative professionals we have a craft we are passionate about but we often don't prioritize our time efficiently. In order to be successful in the real world, we need to armed with many other skills that may not come as naturally. My vision for CLW is to create a community where creative minds can expand their tool-sets to master the balance of time management. We can all benefit from learning and sharing our experiences. Curating talented instructors to teach skills across a variety of channels, CLW courses are available to help improve upon your process and open up new doors. So stay the course and preserve your passion while exploring new avenues and making valuable connections.